Fat is a Four Letter Word!

Posted October 11, 2010 by Marcy Twete in Life After Five
The word disgusts me, even today. Fat. Because, you see, I think it’s safe to say I was never skin and bones. No one ever called me “skinny” as a child. And it just got worse as I became an adult.

But this weekend, I had an awakening…one that, frankly, hurt. I was going through my “keepsake” boxes, in an attempt to get it down to one for the big Chicago move. And I sorted through photo after photo after photo of grade school, junior high, high school…and I thought to myself – I wasn’t all that much bigger than “insert name of friend here.” How was it that I thought I was so much bigger than her?

Junior high was the hardest to see. I looked at pictures of our 6th grade party – I wore a smiley face t-shirt and black elephant pants (they were in!) and in one photo, I’m standing next to three other girls from my class – girls I might have called “skinny”. And in all honest truth, I probably weighed 15 lbs more than they did – and probably had a fuller face. But overall, we were pretty similar sized.

You wouldn’t know it by the way I felt – or what the torturous little 6th grade boys said. Maybe it was because I had breasts earlier than most, but for whatever reason, I always felt like the “fat girl.”

And now….15 years later….I’ve actually been  the fat girl. And now I’m the fit girl, not the fat girl. But no matter how far the journey came or how long it took, I can’t help but ask myself this question, “How different would my life have been if no one had ever called me fat?”

In honor of that little girl – the one who felt like the fattest girl in the class, I beg of you – banish this word from your vocabulary – especially if you have children. Friends don’t let friends “fat talk.”

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