It’s Still Happening: Fatwas Against Women

Posted May 31, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Women's Issues

I hate to be the one to break it to you, ladies, but here in America, the truth is we live in a bit of an ivory tower. Sure, we have a glass ceiling to shatter, a C-suite to break into, and what the media is commonly referring to as a “war on women.” But this war they refer to….is not a war. At least not in the same way many women worldwide are experiencing a true war on the female gender. We’ve all heard the words. We hear them in hard-hitting news, in magazine spreads attempting to show us the darker side of the world, and on television – fatwa, honor crime – frightening words that make us shake our heads and thank our lucky stars for our brothers and fathers who, while they might hate our boyfriends, would likely refrain from killing us for it.

For the last few years, though, news of these fatwas and honor killings have been less prominent in the media. Perhaps we were just worn out of hearing it, or perhaps the instances of these horrible crimes decreased of late. But according to International Herald Tribune writer Fouzia Saeed, fatwas are back and the fear of international women is stronger than ever.

In her recent article “Fatwas against women: From the one who wears bangles,” she provides a chilling view of what is still happening with men and women in the Middle East.

Fatwas against women are becoming common again. In Noshki, Balochistan, a fatwa was announced in a mosque on May 11, stating that any woman using a cell phone will have acid thrown in her face. Another fatwa was issued in Kohistan about two weeks ago, warning ‘NGO women’ that they would be forcefully married to their local men if they dared to enter the area.

I encourage you to read Fouzia’s full article, and to add her to your “must read writers” list to get a stronger base of knowledge about what’s happening for women internationally. From our ivory tower, it’s difficult to see what progress we can help to make, but it is possible Fouzia’s many articles for the International Herald Tribune cover topics like legislation to protect women and closer looks at the way in which we often disregard what must be looked at more deeply. Read Fouzia’s articles here and learn more, even from our ivory towers.

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