Your Feet Matter!

Posted February 12, 2014 by Sara Hauber in Life After Five
pedicured feet

Your feet are more important than you realize.

As a Career Girl, you probably take some amount of care of your feet.

But did you know that despite all of these efforts, your feet can still be causing you problems?

  • Do you have lower back pain?
  • Are your calves tight?
  • Do your knees knock together when you try to run or jog?
  • Have you ever heard you have a tight IT band or patellofemoral syndrome?
  • Have you recently have you had a baby and experienced lengthening of the feet due to pregnancy?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you might be surprised to know that each of those problems can be caused by poorly conditioned arches or “flat feet.”

And no, orthotics are NOT the answer, despite what others would lead us to believe.

To learn more about how you can train and stretch your feet and eliminate pain in other parts of your body caused by your nicely pedicured but misunderstood beauties, read this blog post. Your feet will thank you!

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Sara Hauber

Sara Hauber, M.A., is a certified wellness coach, yoga teacher, and functional-fitness specialist whose mission is to help you overcome obstacles to achieve radiant health and vitality. Since undergoing complete spinal fusion for scoliosis, Sara has been empowering others to transform their bodies, eliminate pain, and embrace joy, love, and life. In 2012 she introduced The Hauber Methodâ„¢, her signature at-home method for eliminating back pain:


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