Financial Archetypes: Which Are You?

Posted February 8, 2013 by Kelley Long in Life After Five

The last few weeks, you’ve seen eight articles on the eight financial archetypes presented by author Brent Kessel in It’s Not About the Money. Have you figured out yet which one (or two) you are?

Here’s a quick review of all eight:

The Guardian: Hyper-vigilant and worried about it all falling apart, Guardians are blessed with the gifts of prudence and financial awareness. Defining quote: “Now that all your worry has proved such an unlucrative business, why not find a better job?” – Sufi poet

The Pleasure Seeker: Impulsive and sometimes greedy, Pleasure Seekers definitely show us how to find the fun and pleasure in life. Defining quote: “Nothing lulls and inebriates like money: when you have a lot, the world seems a better place than it actually is.” – Chekhov

The Idealist: Distrustful of money and often angry at “The Man,” Idealists bring compassion and vision to the world. Defining quote: “If poverty is idealized, then there’s actually a war against those who have money, or a feeling of being righteous or more pure, or more true, and that’s a huge trap.” – Gangaji, Spiritual Teacher

The Saver: Your typical penny-pinching, cheap Scrooge, Savers possess the talents of self-sufficiency and enjoy abundance of money. Defining quote: “Money is emptiness. When people who have money are trying to get ultimate security from the money, it’s just impossible.” – Tsoknyi Rinpoche

The Star: Self-important and willing to spend any amount to make themselves look great, Stars are also great leaders with a classy sense of style. Defining quote: “No amount of money can make others speak well of you behind your back.” – Chinese proverb

The Innocent: Overwhelmed by money and often feelings of helplessness, Innocents possess the great gifts of hope and adaptability. Defining quote: “Procrastination and instant gratification are the two biggest reasons people don’t save. There is a very real issue with lack of knowledge in our country. Money is very mysterious and complex to people, and when something is that complex, they tune it out.” – Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, President of Charles Schwab Foundation

The Caretaker: Overburdened with feelings of martyrdom and superiority due to taking care of everyone but themselves, Caretakers are wonderful examples of generosity and empathy. Defining quote: “It doesn’t matter how much you have or haven’t, just the burden of having to hand out money all the time can be hard on the psyche.” – David Whyte, poet and organizational consultant

The Empire Builder: Driven to rule the world and often lonely, Empire Builders demonstrate the traits of decisiveness and innovation. Defining quote: “I propose three steps for a businessman who is caught, who does not have the time to live his life and to love and to take care of his beloved ones. The first step is to go back to himself and practice, so that he is able to relax, to enjoy the here and now … And you don’t have to separate business and spirituality any more.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

So which are you? Please let me know in the comments below.

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Kelley Long

Kelley Long is a CPA/PFS and CFP® who believes that the true meaning of financial security means having choices in life. She uses her 15 years of experience in various financial services industry jobs to inform her work as a Resident Financial Planner for Financial Finesse, providing unbiased financial guidance through workplace financial wellness programs. She’s also a volunteer and media ambassador for Feed the Pig and 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy. In Kelley’s perfect world, everyone would feel great talking about their money concerns, fears, questions and problems, because then everyone would see that we ALL have those concerns, fears, questions and problems. Kelley lives in Chicago with her husband and their Himalayan cat Miles, where she also teaches BODYPUMP group fitness classes at the Chicago Athletic Clubs.