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Posted July 8, 2014 by Marie Arcidiacono in Life After Five
Finding time to workout while traveling can be a difficult task for anyone–I know I still struggle with it from time to time, especially if I am traveling for vacation. Sitting on the beach or by the pool sounds so much more fun than going to workout.

The problem is taking those few days “off” can easily turn into a week or more off, definitely not speaking from experience here, oh wait, I AM, oops!

In the past couple of years my fitness and travel schedules have both increased and I have had to find ways to keep up with my fitness goals while traveling, especially when I am training for a race. Figuring out how to do this takes some creativity, hello random stair sprints up and down my hotel, but it is always worth it.

5 tips for keeping up your fitness on the fly:

  1. Actually pack your workout clothes and shoes. Seriously, don’t forget your shoes, that happened once and it was awkward and disappointing. If you do forget your workout clothes and/or shoes some hotel chains offer rentals for a small fee. I personally am not one to rent workout clothes and/or shoes but hey, if the shoes fit, ha-ha. USA Today posted a great article to help you find fitness friendly hotels (this list includes hotels that offer the clothing and shoe rentals). Having your workout clothes and shoes taking up precious suitcase space will hopefully motivate you to actually use them!
  2. Do research ahead of time to find out if your hotel has a fitness center on property (the best option) or if they have a deal with a local gym. Surprisingly, many hotel chains have short term, drop-in deals with local gyms for their members to use if they do not have an on property fitness center. If this isn’t the case and there is no fitness center on property call local gyms and see if they have a free class or drop-in rate for out-of-towners. I actually do this often when I travel and find that smaller, independent gyms are more willingly to do this for you. It’s also a great way to try out a new fitness class that you might not otherwise try.
  3. Sign up for a walking sightseeing tour. Yes, those duck tours and bus tours are fun to do, but you’re staying sedentary–that’s not ideal to keep your fitness up on the fly! Walking sightseeing tours are a great way to get out and see a new city in a safe environment and usually don’t cost as much as bus tours, bonus! A walking food tour sounds even better now that I think about it!
  4. Do body weight movements in your hotel room when you get up in the morning or before you go to bed. It’s definitely not practical to travel with your own set of weights, but you can always use your own body weight for a quick workout. I’m a fan of a series of crunches, push-ups, squats, lunges and jumping jacks (if I am not directly above someone, courtesy people, courtesy). A quick 15 minute workout is always better than no workout in my book! Even better–do these when you are watching TV, multi-tasking at its finest.
  5. If you are traveling with a group recruit a fitness buddy. I find that it’s always more motivating to workout on the fly when I know a friend I am traveling with is going to be waiting for me. It’s nice to have the ability to socialize and workout at the same time as well.

Last but not least: Don’t beat yourself up if you let your fitness slip while you are traveling. It happens. Our days are long, we get busy and then we get tired. Just do the best you can and remember, you’ll be back at home on your regular fitness schedule in no time!

Share with me your tips for keeping up your fitness on the fly!

*Disclaimer: You should ALWAYS talk to your regular physician before starting any exercise routine. The author of this post is NOT a physician and encourages exercising/working out ONLY once you have been cleared by you physician.*


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