Flashback: 90210 in 2012 Fashion

Posted October 22, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Building Your Brand
I have a few “stuck in the 90’s” confessions to make before I begin this post:

  • I’ve seen every episode of the original Beverly Hills 90210.
  • I had (I believe it’s still in my parents’ basement) the Shannon Doherty/Brenda and Luke Perry/Dylan Barbie dolls as a child.

  • I dreamed, my entire life, of looking (and dressing) like the girls of Beverly Hills 90210.

So imagine my surprise, as a Beverly Hills 90210 addict (and to answer your burning question, NO, I don’t watch the new version), I see that this year’s fashion trends are *gasp* exactly what I’ve dreamed of wearing since I was a child. You see, these early 90s fashions were out of style by the time I was old enough to wear them. But now, I’m rocking the trends and here’s how:

Trend #1 – The Chunky Knit Sweater

Here’s Brenda Walsh lounging on the beach with the sexiest man alive…ever….in a chunky knit sweater.

I used to dream as a child of the gorgeous J. Crew chunky knits I saw in the catalog and on TV on Brenda. Here’s how I’m rocking this trend this fall:

Chunky Sweater with Jeans

Trend #2 – Skinny Jeans with Short Boots

I’ve sat around for the last few years cursing you ladies who can tuck your skinny jeans into riding boots. My darn calves just won’t accomodate this trend. So I’m delighted to see the runways this year in favor of skinny jeans with short boots! Again, here’s my favorite Miss Brenda Walsh rocking a pair of black boots and skinnies from back in the 90210 days.

And here we go, gals. My plan for this trend in 2012:

Trend #3 – Flowy Floral

Kelly and Donna are rocking a fab traditional 90210 trend – flowy floral.
They started with babydoll floral dresses, moved to long floral skirts, and eventually even floral blazers. All three are back in style this year. And I’m excited to rock my Kelly Taylor style in something like this:
So go ahead, Career Girls! Rock that 90210 throwback. I know I am!

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