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Four Steps to Attract More Meaningful Connections

Posted July 29, 2014 by Lindsay Laughnan in Life After Five
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I’ve lived in Raleigh, North Carolina over four months now. Out of all of the places that I’ve lived, Raleigh has been the easiest to make friends and establish meaningful connections. As a busy Career Girl with competing priorities, you may not think that you have time to expand your social circle. However, it’s easier than you think if you follow these four steps!

  1. Be Open to Opportunities – Go about each day with the mindset that you are open to the people and opportunities that will show up in your life. When you remain open to opportunities, the universe will present them!
  2. Self-Disclosure – It is common to hold back and avoid sharing details about your personal life especially when you first meet someone. However, when you skip the small talk and begin to share more about who you really are, what inspires you, and also your challenges, it will open the door for a more meaningful connection.
  3. Don’t Wait for the Phone to Ring…Take the Initiative – If you are truly committed to creating more meaningful connections in your life, taking initiative is a must. Instead of waiting for someone to contact you about hanging out, consider making the first move.
  4. Follow-Up – Keep the lines of communication open by staying connected whether it’s through text, email, phone, or social media.

It is possible to have an abundance of meaningful connections in your life. It starts with a single step!

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