Four Stylish Ways to Bring Your Lunch to Work

Posted August 14, 2014 by Maris Callahan in Life After Five
If you think that brown bagging it to the office means that you’ll have to literally tote your sandwich to work in a brown bag, think again. Gone are the days where toting your own work to lunch means squished peanut butter and jelly and a bruised banana.

Whether you’re a salad girl or a sandwich girl, a leftover loyalist or an afternoon grazer, we have stylish ways to tote your midday meal to the office en vogue.

The Little Brown (Lunch) Bag

If you prefer to spend your lunch hour browsing the sale rack than waiting on line at the salad bar, BYO caesar in classic Bloomingdale’s fashion. Give new meaning to your lunch with a classic Bloomies’ tote that will keep your lunch chilled until your stomach starts to rumble…and will match whatever color heels you happen to don that day (Bloomingdale’s, $24).


Nantucket Insulated Lunch Bag with Ice Pack

We change our purses with the season, so why not swap our your winter lunch bag for something cooler when the weather heats up? This stylist lunch tote is available in five different color patterns and an attached ice pack is perfect for keeping cold food cold during summer months (Fit & Fresh, $17).


Custom Insulated Lunch Tote

Every office has one: the coworker three cubicles down who steals lunches from the communal fridge. Protect the contents of your Tupperware by having a customized lunch sack made from BonTemps on Etsy. They’re also great gifts for coworkers who content with the same lunch-snatcher, too (BonTemps, $40).



Bistro Bento Box 2.0

Anyone who prefers to graze throughout the day in place of eating three square meals should invest in a quality bento box with compartments for different foods.  Take your lunch on the go with salads, sandwiches, leftovers or your favorite savory sides. Each container compartment is microwavable and the convenient container is dishwasher safe (LapTop Lunches, $23).


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