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Posted January 13, 2014 by Guest Writer in On the Ladder

As Career Girls, despite the fact that we love what we do, many of us still fall into the “I’m not ready for it to be Monday” category.  I certainly feel this way from time to time.  The stress of the previous week and the carefree time away from our work can make the thought of Monday a bit overwhelming.  After we rid ourselves from the previous week, we have to muster up the idea of another potentially long, potentially stressful week, which isn’t usually appealing to think about.  I found though, that Monday’s are great days to set a positive tone to our week by getting organized ahead of time.  Through many stressful and overwhelming weeks, I came up with my own Monday morning routine.

Here are 4 tips to make our Mondays a bit easier:

  1. Check, organize and respond to emails first thing in the morning. We may be “off” on the weekends but our incoming email doesn’t stop.  Often times I come in on Monday morning to emails from my own boss regarding conversations he’s had or issues that have come up over the weekend that need to be addressed.  The first priority with email should be to tackle it quickly by skimming over each one, looking for any potential due dates in order to prioritize what needs to be addressed now, tomorrow, so on and so forth.  You should respond to what needs to be addressed immediately and flag what can be responded to later.
  2. Check and return voicemail Almost similar to our inbox, our desk phone doesn’t always stop ringing just because it’s Saturday afternoon.  In my particular field of work, clients are in need of employment in order to maintain stability at home.  Once you check your voicemail, return phone calls in attempt to schedule appointments.  If you’re met with voicemail, give clients who were requesting appointments three available slots, plug them in tentatively, and then adjust accordingly once you speak to them.
  3. Organize your calendars for the week I like to have my calendar open while I work on my email and voicemail responses.  If you use Microsoft Outlook your calendar will immediately fill in itself once you accept any meeting in your inbox.  If you don’t use Outlook you can use your Google calendar or any calendar really, even if it’s a day planner.  Have it open while checking email, voicemail, or when speaking to clients in case you need to quickly plug in a meeting or event.  Then you have appointments recorded and you can add them to your other calendars such as your phone later on.  Coincide this with checking your email and voicemail so that you know what you have available throughout the week for those last minute meetings or appointments that arise.
  4. Shred Old Documents I’m horrible at keeping up with this on a daily basis so hats off to you Career Girls who stay on top of this!  It’s a crucial part of staying organized.  You don’t want to become too caught up in taking time to remember whether you’ve already gone through that spreadsheet that’s been sitting on your desk for six days or not.  Either shred the documents as you no longer need them or place them in a shred box for Monday.  This task can technically be done on Fridays as well if you’re like me and become too distracted to shred each day.  Personally, I shred on Mondays in order to ensure that I truly don’t need to hang on to any “shred box” documents after checking my emails and voicemails.  Helpful shredding tip: Do this near the end of the day when many coworkers have gone home as to not disrupt anyone with the loud shredder noise!

You won’t dread Monday’s so much once you nail down a good morning routine.  Organizing everything, especially email and voicemail, can really help to ease the overwhelming feeling.  Luckily, there are double shot latte’s to give us our extra oomph!


Alexis LaRee is a Career Consultant, Career Development Facilitator and Instructor as well as Case Manager specializing in assisting transitioning military to obtain employment within the civilian sector. Alexis established Alexis LaRee Career Consulting where she offers a combination of career services for individuals seeking a new step in life through resume writing, career satisfaction indication, proper interviewing techniques, navigating the office, etc.

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