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December: The Month of Opportunity

Posted December 19, 2013 by Lucia Labouchere in On the Ladder
Wine Tasting

Here we are once again in that rather unproductive part of the year between Thanksgiving and Christmas and the answer to many of those big questions is put on hold for January.  The focus is on the next evening outfit and the wrapping paper you want to match your ribbons. Career decisions are abandoned –  I will come back to it in January.  Parties take over and late nights render us unable to focus on anything but the approaching holidays.  I remember the feeling of coming back in January, tinsel still across my London desk and the Christmas hangover so much more painful as I still had to tidy December’s mess…

…literally and metaphorically.

 BUT,  It doesn’t have to be like that!

What if, Career Girl, you didn’t shelve your ‘to do’ list until January  you did it now?  What if you wrote a list right this moment of all those things you want to achieve in 2014 and you start setting up meetings and talks and ideas right now.  You ask for the support you need from the people you want to help you get there.  Go on, everyone’s full of Christmas spirit and buzz.

I am doing this more by default than design and it’s having fantastic results.  I am in the UK the first 3 weeks of January and I have to be super efficient to ensure I catch people – I am really only there twice a year for a month or so at a time.  Well,  everyone is in a great mood.  Of course and they are very happy to take a moment to listen to me and what I want from them in January.  It can be the same for you.

 This isn’t rocket science.

I remember as a headhunter who used to tell us to do ‘new business calls’ on Friday as people were generally in a much better frame of mind.  And December ? It’s like Friday of the year…

So who could you meet this week, this month? Go big, dream big on this one…Who can you treat to an eggnog latte or send a Christmas card to?

Be brave and confident in your approach and be clear about what you want from them, if indeed anything.  In that opening sentence dare to go there… right to that point.  Hello ‘my name is xxx and I am contacting you because I would like to speak to your audience in January’, and if you are looking to build a relationship, a slow burner, there is no better time, and you know what? Where there has been a rocky road, where a relationship has gone a bit wrong, and you want to fix it (professional or other), well there is little a Christmas Cocktail can’t put right…

 See what happens.

Complete with that slightly nervous excitement that Christmas often brings…take risk, reach for the top, contact those you never thought you would and enjoy… for your bravery, you will be rewarded.

So, I am very excited about my travels next week from 43 degrees in Malawi to Rome and then to the dolomites for the snow.  I am itching to see friends and family and to feel the cold; I can’t wait to give the presents I have bought and to eat food I have not for months, maybe years… hello cheddar and stilton!! And I do this knowing I am ready for January, to launch into it meeting other like minded Career Girls and Guys, who like me want to make their careers extraordinary in 2014 and beyond…

Are you one of them? Of course you are.  So my dears, what is it, what is it that you want from 2014?  

Go start getting it now.

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Lucia Labouchere

Lucia is an independent performance coach and career consultant. She runs bespoke programmes that help business leaders and budding entrepreneurs to become clear on what their unique offering is and how it can serve them. She helps build momentum and direction in careers and lives so that her clients can enjoy a greater sense of purpose, more success and be truly inspirational. She works predominantly via Skype and is based between Italy, the UK and Malawi.