Get Creative This Year!

Posted January 6, 2014 by Jill Vived in On the Ladder

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. ― Albert Einstein

Creativity tends to be associated with artists, innovators, and your scrapbooking friend down the street, but the most successful Career Girls in all industries know that creativity is not a gift only had by their wedding photographer, but a skill practiced by artists and investment bankers alike.

In fact, according to a 2010 IBM survey of 1500 CEOs worldwide, creativity is ranked the most important factor to success.

So Career Girls, how do we fuel our creative selves, bring our best creative minds to work with us each and every day to ensure our future success?

Do something creative every day. Creativity is like a muscle; just like we carve out time to hit the gym, we must give our creative selves a daily workout as well. But how, you may ask yourself, in my busy world of commitments to work, family, and friends can I fit in one more daily workout? It is enough to just squeeze in a run.

Here are a 5 ways to incorporate creativity into your life for the New Year.

  1. Try textile arts. With the cold weather setting in, perhaps you’ve been thinking it might be nice to knit a scarf but you wouldn’t know a knitting needle from an ice pick. Check out your local yarn shop for classes or a “stitch-n-bitch” night. Not only will you get to learn a new skill, meet new and interesting women, but you’ll finally have an alternative to checking your facebook feed on your morning bus ride.
  2. Canvas and Cocktails anyone? Most cities these days have painting studios where a resident artist will teach you how to paint a specific picture, plus you get to drink wine to boot. What could be better?
  3. Organize your photos. All the photos you took over the holidays? What better way to kick off your new year with some creativity than getting those images organized into albums—be it digital or paper. Plus you’ll get to relive some of your most treasured holiday memories.
  4. Read a book. What better way to get your mind engaged than to read an enchanting tale of love and adventure? Better yet, read with a friend, or a few friends and meet up for a book club to discuss the book. Maybe you’ll realize book reports these days are a lot more fun than when you had to turn them in for a letter grade.
  5. Decorate your room, your house, or your office. A new year often calls for a bit of a new you. Redo a room in your house, or add some flair to your office or cubicle. Being surrounded daily by that which you find beautiful can be a great way to stimulate your creative self every day.

These are merely a few suggestions to get you thinking creatively about getting creative. My newest creative undertaking this year? Photography. I can’t stop playing with the new lens I received for Christmas (sorry Facebook friends, I’m sure you’re already tired of me posting 50 new pictures every day!). Between the photography and my new addiction to crochet, I’ll be lucky to squeeze in 15 minutes on the yoga mat these days.

But you know what? Not only do I now have some fabulous pictures to frame for my house (along with some lovely scarves to keep me warm this winter), I also have a new creative energy I lacked in 2013.

So my New Year’s challenge to all you Career Girls out there? Get out there and get creative!

About the Author

Jill Vived

Jill Vived is a freelance writer and marketing communications professional currently working as the Director of Marketing for Vivalta, Inc., a recruiting firm specializing in placing finance and accounting professionals in Denver and San Francisco she co-owns with her husband. Working in the search industry has given Jill a distinct perspective on careers and job search that she is excited to share with Career Girls everywhere. When she is not reading up on everything marketing, branding, and career related, Jill spends her time chasing around her two young children, dreaming up DIY crafts, and enjoying the great outdoors.