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Don’t Wait for the New Year: Get Healthy Now!

Posted November 8, 2013 by Melissa diLeonardo in Life After Five


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Halloween is over and holiday promotions are underway. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, Hanukkah, etc., despite the fact that it is only early November. ‘Tis the time of year where we make merry and often indulge at parties, gatherings, and big meals.  The average American gains 1-5 pounds during this time of year.  How can you stay on track?

Here are some tips to help you stay focused and healthy throughout the holiday season.

  1. Create an 8-week plan: Whether it’s eating a healthy breakfast to ward off mid-morning snacking, taking the stairs, or cutting back on sugary drinks (soda, coffees, etc.), establish a few healthy patterns that you aim to maintain from now until the end of the year.  Small changes make a big difference when it comes to weight management. Healthy changes often become permanent habits when you stick to them.  Positive behavioral change is a great way to begin a new year; make it happen!
  2. Moderate your indulgences: It is difficult to completely ignore seasonal treats. Make a pact with yourself to permit an occasional indulgence (maybe a pumpkin-spice latte, or a favorite holiday cookie), but to enjoy these “treats” in moderation, not every day.  Make them special and savor them.  Set parameters about when and how you indulge.  Complete restriction can leave you feeling miserable. Be of good cheer, but be reasonable.
  3. Set a goal:  Don’t wait for the New Year! Round out 2013 by crushing a few more goals.  Workout 1-3 times per week, sign up for a holiday walk/run, eat vegetables at every meal…you get the idea! Goal setting will help you stay on track and have something to talk about at holiday events. Make a SMART goals that fit your schedule, budget, and are attainable.  You will feel good and that positivity will naturally be passed on to others.

Remember, the holiday season is a great time to reminisce, but always be moving forward with wellness.  Should you get a little off track, don’t shame yourself.  Today is a new day.  Get back on track.  If you feel overwhelmed (as many of us do during this time of year), remember the basics.  Get ample sleep, drink plenty of water, and try to stay active in any way you can.

EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!  Avoid the tendency to postpone or ignore healthy habits until January.  Start today.

About the Author

Melissa diLeonardo

Melissa is an East Coast native who has made Chicago her home! She has worked in the health and wellness field for over six years and lives to bike, hike, run, lift, and play. As a ReebokONE Brand Ambassador, Certified Personal Trainer via the American Council on Exercise, and a Registered Yoga Teacher, Melissa is down with good health. Voted “Best Personal Trainer” in the 2013 Chicago Reader’s Annual Poll and selected as a global finalist in the 2013 Life Fitness Personal Trainer to Watch Contest, Melissa instructs fitness and yoga classes throughout the north side of Chicago (spinning, boot camp, strength training). She a proud member and assistant coach at CrossFit Chicago and Master Trainer for Life Fitness Academy . Co-founder of the Chicago-based wellness collective, true-2-life.com and Program Manager for Corporate Movement at Life Fitness Corporation, you can follow her on twitter @mdsapphire. Now let's dance!