Get the Series: The Facets of Fear

Posted February 5, 2013 by Kristi Royse in On the Ladder
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In January, we welcomed Career Girl’s newest writer, consultant extraordinaire Kristi Royse, and over the last two weeks, you’ve probably seen a number of her incredible articles about fear. Kristi’s series on fear brings you from the beginning stages of addressing fear to conquering the most common fears women have in business. If you missed any of these incredible articles, check them all out with the links below:

Fear: An Introduction

Fear of Conflict

Fear of Commitment

Fear of Failure

From Fear to Faith


What are you afraid of? Can you conquer your fears with Kristi’s help? Of course you can!

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Kristi Royse

Kristi believes that leaders create success by inspiring their people to greatness through vision, communication, trust and teamwork, and that female leaders are uniquely positioned to develop this greatness in themselves and others. CEO of KLR Consulting, Kristi is a nationally-recognized speaker, executive coach, facilitator, management consultant, and trainer. Since 1987, Kristi has been coaching executives to be stronger leaders and helping organizations optimize their most vital resource - people.