4 Great Ideas for Mother’s Day

Posted May 7, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Women's Issues
It’s easy to let holidays like Mother’s Day sneak up on you. We’re just six days away from Mother’s Day 2012 and chances are, you may have forgotten to buy Mom that gift yet this year. To help you on your Mother’s Day gift buying way, Career Girl Network is giving you 4 Great Ideas for Mother’s Day you can get without a FedEx box, making it easy to find a last-minute gift.

Load up Mom's iPod. Surely, there are songs that remind you of your mom. Songs from your childhood or songs you sang loudly in the car together. Make and buy her an iTunes Playlist and you're sure to be a hit with mom all year long.

Donate a Safe Delivery. Thank your mom for everything she's given you by giving another woman a safe delivery and birth experience. Just $24 will help a woman in an underserved medically destitute area receive medical care and a safe delivery. Click on the image above to donate.

If you live near your mom, forgo the traditional gift and instead show up at her door with a bag of groceries with all the ingredients to make your favorite baked goods. At some point, many of us stop making cookies with our mom. What better Mother's Day gift than to start again.

If you're really short on time, call your mom's salon. Pay for her next salon appointment, and maybe throw in a facial or massage to surprise her on top of it. Let your mom know there will be an extra treat waiting for her at her next hair appointment.

All in all, Moms are pretty easy when it comes to Mother’s Day. Thoughtful and simple usually goes a long way. So do something nice for your mom this week, this month, and on Sunday for Mother’s Day. After all, she is your mom.

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