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Posted March 8, 2013 by Marcy Twete in Women's Issues

March 8th may not be significant to many, but it certainly should be, because today is International Women’s Day! And while there might be a lot of social media buzz about this day, very few really know what to do about it. The Washington Post, this morning recommended “10 Ways to Celebrate” International Women’s Day – all amazing and phenomenal ways to celebrate. In this spirit, I’m stealing my idea and giving you my own:

5 Ways You Can Celebrate International Women’s Day:

  1. Say thank you. Today is a day of celebrating our triumphs as women. Take the time to celebrate a woman who has helped you get ahead or has taught you something. Pick up the phone and call your mom, email an old teacher, or mentor. Let a woman know she was instrumental in your journey.
  2. Support a girl. It’s easy to forget, when celebrating a day about women, those who are not yet women. Think, today, about all you can do to advance girls in this society. Of course, you can donate to my favorite organization affecting the lives of girls from underresourced neighborhoods, Step Up Women’s Network. But there’s more. Donate a book, give to a school, volunteer with your child’s Girl Scout troop. Whatever your decision, ensure that the success of women continues by investing in our littlest ladies.
  3. Donate. Give financially to a women’s organization you love in honor of International Women’s Day. Let them know you care.
  4. Get informed. If you can’t donate to a nonprofit today, that’s ok. But think about signing up for the email lists of some of the nation’s top nonprofits affecting the lives of women around the world. Here are a few links to email signups with great women’s organizations:
  5. Honor those who paved the way. We all know the Gloria’s and the Jane’s of the feminist movement. But what about those women like our mothers and aunts, who paved the way for ordinary women to succeed in business? Take the time to Facebook or Tweet about a woman who paved the way in your industry, town, or state. Acknowledge her work.

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