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Posted August 15, 2013 by Adrienne Asselmeier in Life After Five

Dear Career Girls,

I’m going to give you a gift today. It is not big, but it can make a big difference. It’s not expensive, but it is often hard to acquire. Most importantly, it is needed and you should give this gift to your friends and yourself from time-to-tim

My gift to you is a fresh start!

It seems like everyone I know is in a funk. We have taken our vacations for the year and are now staring down the barrel of the fall routine. We’re working hard on crucial details for our annual events (and still have plenty of work to do). We’re in the middle of training for fall runs and have battled everything from injuries to apathy. Some of us have lost loved ones this year, and that’s always the worst. The rest of us are just tired. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a fresh start, get off on the right foot, and feel excited again? Well this is your chance!

Forgive yourself for any choice you made that was the wrong one. Call up someone that has fallen out of touch and let them know that you’re still around if they want to connect anew. Remember that life is short, and sometimes you just plain need to let go of the things that are holding you back from positivity and strong relationships.

I was thinking about all of this lately, and how sometimes people just need someone’s permission to let go of the things that are bothering them or holding them back. When I started looking up ideas for getting a fresh start, I found this list from WikiHow. It’s a pretty comprehensive list, but I have two suggestions for how to start fresh!

  • Clean up! This might be a literal clean-up or a figurative cleaning, but remove the debris. Weed out your closet or storage room, reorganize your files, or bring your car to the car wash (oh boy do I ever need to clean my car). Sometimes we get buried under useless junk, old notes and projects, or even things we’ve already addressed. If this is a persistent problem for you, look at your habits and see if there’s a way to break the cycle. For instance, I started doing a few dishes every morning while I make breakfast and that has made a huge difference! Plus, who doesn’t feel new when they smell a nice clean place? Don’t forget that sometimes you need to clean up other things, like your Facebook friends, calendar, and email inbox.
  • Reflect on your experiences. I love introspection and reflection, but it’s one of those things that I don’t think we do enough. Sometimes, I like to take an afternoon to go to the beach and just sit and reflect on the past. Think about what I’ve learned, and what I don’t want to do again. Think about accomplishments you’ve made so far this year, and where you want to be at the end of the year. If you had a resolution and didn’t keep it, make a new one. August is a great month to make a change for the better because you can work it into your new fall routine. This also means that you can take time to celebrate. We often don’t realize how far we’ve come if we don’t take time to reflect on where we started.

Never underestimate the power of letting go. Whether it is letting go of negative friends, reconnecting with people you’ve missed, or telling yourself to stop thinking about a mistake you made, changing your mindset can change your life. If you want, do something symbolic like writing down a problem on a piece of paper and then burning it. There are a number of happiness and positivity exercises like this over at Happify, and I really encourage anyone who is not brimming with joy to take a few small steps to be a more positive you.

The effects will seep into all parts of your life and hopefully bring the success we Career Girls are always looking for!

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