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Posted November 7, 2011 by Marcy Twete in Life After Five

Last week, I set out on a noble mission – to accomplish the “world’s healthiest business trip.” And while I don’t know if “world’s” healthiest is true. But it was definitely healthy for me, and beat my last business trip where I was so busy, I ordered Pizza Hut to my hotel room instead of going out.

So, as promised on Facebook, I’m giving you my full meal plan. I did, in fact, take photos. But I’ve decided not to bore you with my iPhone quality pics.


Thursday, November 3 Choices

Breakfast – O’Hare Airport – Very little in the E concourse was healthy – McDonald’s, Nuts on Clark, Candy and Chips. It’s all there. I found an Argo Tea and ordered their four cheese quiche. Though seemingly healthy and filled with protein, I was a little surprised to check their website and find it had 402 calories. But an ok breakfast overall and much better than an Egg McMuffin.

Snack – Philly Airport – a Kind bar with yogurt, an easy “get it anywhere” pick-me-up.

Lunch – Washington DC – I decided that if I was going to “splurge” – either monetarily or calorically, I would do it at one of my favorite restaurants. So I took myself to Old Ebbitt Grill, where I once celebrated my 21st birthday, and ordered the trout. It came with potatoes and a huge pile of steamed broccoli. I, being the healthiest business traveler in the world, filled up on broccoli first, didn’t eat the potatoes, and didn’t even finish the trout because I was so full from the broccoli (oh, yeah, and an indulgent but tiny cup of clam chowder as an app).

Late Snack – Washington DC – I grabbed a plate of strawberries and a tiny scoop of chocolate mousse from Whole Foods. A delicious dessert to end the day.

Total Calories from Thursday: 1,723


Friday, November 4 Choices

Breakfast – Washington DC Hotel – Continental breakfast at my hotel, and I think I did pretty well. An english muffin with some butter, a banana, some yogurt and granola.

Lunch – During my meetings – A catered lunch produced mostly chips and sandwiches, but I chose healthily. I had half of a turkey wrap, and the loaded up on salad with very little dressing. Finally, a tiny slice of brownie to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Afternoon Snack – Cosi – Banana

Dinner – Reagan National Airport – Once again, the demon of airport food. But luckily I managed to find a cheese/grapes plate as well as one of those single serve hummus and pretzel cups.

Total Calories from Friday: 1,635


The hardest portion of my eating healthy during a business trip quest was by far the beginning and the end – airport food. Not easy to find healthy food. But I think, overall, I did the best possible. Overall, I’m incredibly proud of my food choices, and now confident that I can continue to be a frequent business traveler without packing on the pounds.

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