Nutrition Resoures for Healthy Kids (and Moms)

Posted July 9, 2013 by Monica O'Connell in Life After Five

There are quite a few of you who are Career Girls who also have the title of “Mama.” Let me take a moment to applaud you.  I don’t know how you do it.  I’m constantly in awe of my clients juggling mega careers and mega families.  Recently a few of my clients have come in talking about their kids having a rough time with their mood and how much that’s impacting everything else in their lives.  I’ve learned so much from them lately about children and allergies and how those kiddos who wont sleep or aren’t listening or are really struggling are a huge drain to any mother.

I’m not a parental wealth of information and I know a lot of you are so first, what do you all use as resources?  I think it’s so cool when moms come together to support each other and if I can support your support, I’d be a happy camper.

The second is that I happen to have just had a conversation with Katie Jasper, a functional nutritionist who  sold me on how much nutrition impacts the moods of young children, and that there is science behind picky eaters… I bet my mom wishes she knew that information as she raised 4 kiddos.

This information is especially hitting home to me as my best friends are growing and having children and they’re constantly barraged with information about how to feed their kids, what to do and not to do and how to best parent.  In my meeting with Katie, I listened to her talk about how she’s teaching parents and kids about how to fuel up and choosing foods that are the best fuel for our activities. I was super inspired and have been using that reference to help me make my own nutrition choices.  Is this really going to fuel me?

What I’m most inspired by is my adult clients making wishful thinking statements that they wish their parents had taught them about healthy eating and working so hard to teach themselves and their kids how to eat for health.

I’ve talked about Prescribe Nutrition before and truth be told, I’m loving their information.  I’ve been a blog and facebook stalker of theirs for months and have adapted the FREE information they post into my life and have pushed it onto the lives of my friends and family members.  What I want to also mention is that they’re running a program called “Kids Rule” and diving into how to feed children those green things most of them don’t want to eat, how to engage them in their own health and through nutrition they actually want to eat, boost their mood.   Kiddo allergies are everywhere these days it seems and they’re going to sort through some of that stuff too.

Another blog Katie turned me onto is called “Modern Parents, Messy Kids” where they seem to be dishing out all of the best information.  Road trip book suggestions? Practical organizational tips for families? Yes, please.

 Check this stuff out and let me know if it’s helpful. I wanna build my mama resources to support all of your hard work!

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