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“Hey There, Career Girl” with Mickey Mikeworth

Posted July 16, 2013 by Career Girl Network in Features


What is Hey There, Career Girl?

We all want to know what it’s like to be other people, right? What does their life entail, what do their jobs look like and feel like? Hey There, Career Girl, gives you that looking glass into a powerful woman’s life. You’ll find out about her passions, her mission, her day-to-day, and more. We pick some of the nation’s most fascinating women and ask them what makes their career tick!


This week, Marcy Twete is talking with Mickey Mikeworth, Financial Planner and True Guru for Financial Freedom for Women!

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About Mickey:

Mickey Mikeworth has heard the word prosperity defined many ways by clients during her twenty plus years as a highly successful educator and advisor. Is it money? Possessions? A feeling? An attitude? She became intrigued with the many facets of prosperity and began to notice that some people take unique actions that make them very prosperous. The result of Mickey’s research and experience is her dynamic and inspiring new program, The 10 Habits of Prosperity-Minded People, which began a national speaking tour this year.

With humor and heart, Mickey has brought her innovative outlook on prosperity and poverty to thousands of people through speaking, teaching, advising, consulting, and in-the-trenches business experience. She is actively involved in community work, creating opportunity for business owners, job creation, helping women exit poverty and training inner city youth to see wealth differently through coaching and financial education.

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