High Heels in the Corner Office [Infographic]

Posted September 5, 2013 by Guest Writer in On the Ladder
Career Girl Network is delighted to feature NBRI’s infographic, which presents data about how women stack up today in the executive world, and what companies and women alike can do to improve their corporate standing.


Since Title VII of the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964, women have gone out into the workforce by the thousands to find meaningful and well-paid jobs.

Almost 50 years have passed since Title VII, yet female advancement into high leadership and executive positions has moved at a glacial pace. Discussions about why women have not been able to reach parity with men on executive boards, as well as CEO positions, have been numerous, claiming everything from sexism and inequality to the years of setback to a woman’s career caused by choosing to have children.

Yet, why more women have not advanced farther up the corporate ladder remains a multi-faceted issue. Companies that want to take advantage of the diversity of women’s talents, ideas, and passion must take steps to ensure that their companies are enticing enough to attract top female talent. At the same time, women must take steps of their own to make sure that they stand out among their peers in order to been noticed and highly-valued.

NBRI - High Heels in the Corner Office - infographic


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