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How a Blister Turned Me into a "Bikram Runner"…?

Posted August 3, 2011 by Marcy Twete in Life After Five
Here in the city, at 6:00pm, it was 104 heat index with 85% humidity. But instead of relaxing, I let a blister turn me into a Bikram runner.

It all started when I did something yesterday afternoon I normally don’t do. I took the bus home from work. Usually I walk, and realize on the way home how damn hot it is by the amount of sweat I’m dripping in by the time I get to my door. Therefore I would make the sane decision to work out in the comfort of the air conditioned gym in my building. But not yesterday. Yesterday, I had an incredibly painful blister on the bottom of my foot. So to save myself the pain of wearing flats (it’s sad when heels don’t hurt, but flats do), I took the bus home. This was my first mistake.

I got off the bus, knowing I needed to get in a 3 mile run (my first in my Half Marathon Training Program for fall), and I thought to myself, “It’s not that bad.” So I walked the few steps to my apartment, strapped on my tennis shoes and my water belt (should have brought four bottles, not two) and headed out the door to run…outside. I texted my husband this message: “Crazy wife. Running outside. If not back by 8, am dead.”

The first 2.5k wasn’t so bad. I made it out to Lake Michigan and then died a slow running death. I ran/walked the last 2.5k, getting back to my apartment drenched in sweat and ready to die when a neighbor said to me in the elevator, “It’s like Bikram running!” So that’s it, my first training run was done in 104 degree heat, Bikram style, all because I didn’t walk myself home after work. The moral of the story is, I did it. Apparently I can still run (or run/walk) a 5k – even in oppressive heat. It gives me hope that I really can get to 13.1 – really, it’s only 10 more miles than I did yesterday, right? 😉

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