How to Beat Procrastination

Posted June 4, 2012 by Marcy Twete in On the Ladder

A few weeks back, I let you all into a little secret of mine – I procrastinate terribly on big projects. And I told you how I’d been terribly procrastinating on the half-marathon I’m running on June 24th in “Pulling an ‘All Nighter’ on a Half-Marathon.” I’m happy to report that two weeks later, my procrastination has officially ended on my half marathon. I’ve put in over 35 miles in the last 2 weeks, and met my goals with my 10k yesterday. I’ve hit every single one of my runs successfully, except one which was ruined by a terribly rainy day and cut in half due to my hatred of what my sister-in-law calls the “dreadmill.”

So here’s the big question – how did I beat the dreaded procrastination cycle? And how can you beat procrastination in your life and in your career to ensure you can meet your goals? This question was answered thoroughly by journalist Prime Sarmiento over at The Daily Muse. She recently published the article “Beat Procrastination to Accomplish Your Career/Business Goals.”

My favorite tip from Prime is exactly what got me going on my half marathon training:

Set your intention for the day, every day, including weekends

One of the reasons why we tend to procrastinate is we tend to get overwhelmed by the big goal that we set for ourselves. We look at our goals and we thought: Oh god, I’m soo tired and stressed, how will I even find the time to build a side business or accept that project so I can get a promotion or get new clients for my business.

The key is to break down your project into several smaller chunks a.ka. micro tasks and then commit to do just one micro task each day. Make this your intention for the day – you can meditate on it or write it down in your daily journal.

I did just that. I stopped thinking about 13.1 miles and started thinking about my daily runs. It helps to curb some of the overwhelmed feelings you get when you think about the big goal. During yesterday’s 10k race, I couldn’t allow myself to think about doubling that distance in 3 weeks, I had to just get through it and focus on being successful and meeting my goals…for that day. And consequently, for today. That’s all you can do.

Read Prime’s full article and tell us, how do you beat procrastination?

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