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Posted September 18, 2013 by Sara Hauber in Life After Five
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Want a gym that offers lots of group exercise classes? You can find it!

It’s fall. Time for school to start. Time to reset your body’s clock. And for those of you in a region that enjoys seasonal change, it’s time to move your workouts indoors.

How do you choose the right indoor workout facility?

Similar to my last piece on the specificity principle, you want to choose a facility with your desired form of workout in mind.

  • Playing sports, such as basketball or tennis? Select a sport-specific facility with specialized trainers or membership options.
  • Want a huge variety of weights and weight machines? Select one of the larger, commercial gyms and be careful to test them out beforehand to gauge the environment and clientele.
  • Need to lift weights to keep your body strong and functional, but don’t like the “meat-head” culture of some commercial gyms? Find a small, private studio that offers personal training or limited membership.
  • Just need a spot to get your spinning class or treadmill workouts in? You can find a gym that specializes in just about any cardio workout these days.

As you know from my post about why I teach yoga, I don’t agree with the majority of Americans who think that yoga is supposed to be a workout. But if you must, you can find many studios offering “workout style” yoga classes and make that your “gym” of choice.

Personally, I need a gym with free weights and lots of empty space in which to perform functional body-weight movements, and the occasional weight machine. Gyms that are jam-packed with equipment but offer no space for actually moving around or doing plyometrics (explosive, body-weight workouts) just don’t work for me.

Know what you want, and you can easily find a gym that suits your needs. Call around and get details about what gyms offer in the way of space and equipment. And ask for a one-week trial membership to see if you like it. Most gyms nowadays offer such a trial with no obligation to buy. Take advantage of it, because if you don’t like the atmosphere, you’ll never go. And if you never go, you’ll never reach your goals.

Have fun hunting, and happy indoor workouts to you all!

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