How to Connect with Anyone

Posted April 24, 2013 by Kristen Zavo in Networking Buzz
Whether you are looking for new business, a new job, the love of your life (or maybe just a date for Friday night!), networking is an unavoidable fact of life.  Most of us don’t love to do it and could use a little help.  The truth is that no matter what the purpose of your networking, the key to its effectiveness lies in your ability to connect.  That common ground, that spark, that “oh yeah, this person gets me” is what takes you from a business card or profile amongst many, to a person we all want to get to know better…someone we want to buy from, work with, or date – or maybe all three!

I think this Connect With Anyone Creed sums it up perfectly!

Your turn – what are your best tips for connecting with people?  Can you give an example when doing so really elevated the relationship beyond basic networking?

Infographic compliments of Live Your Legend, (a blog devoted to finding and doing work you love).

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Kristen Zavo is a strategy and marketing professional, with a special interest in the retail industry. Having always been interested in the people side of business, Kristen loves to explore, reflect on, and share stories about the challenges and adventures of being a businesswoman. No topic is off limits - whether it's how to handle being the only woman in the boardroom, or figuring out how to to pack all the "essentials" for a 2-week business trip in just a carry-on! Outside of work, she loves exploring new places, spending time at the beach and meeting friends to workout (spin or yoga, anyone?!).