How to Create a Kickass Facebook Cover Photo

Posted April 16, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Networking Buzz

It used to be that your Facebook page said very little about you to anyone you chose not to be friends with. Someone searching for you would, with the right privacy settings, see just your photo, your alma mater, and whether you were male or female. Everything else was private and that search page said absolutely nothing about you as an individual.

Enter “Cover Photos”, a December 2011 change to the Facebook landscape. Now, not only does a searcher see your profile photo, they also see your cover photo. This can be blank, nothing, nada. Or it can be a representation of you as an individual, your interests, your life, and your personal life. It can also, for businesses, be a powerful introduction to your page and a first glance at who you are as a business.

My own personal Facebook page represents me as a woman in business. I would be glad for anyone to find this cover photo and profile photo, even if I don’t want to “Friend” them on Facebook.

My Career Girl Network Cover Photo, on the other hand, is a blown up version of part of my logo. It represents, for me, the wide array of women who make up my own network and those who will make CGN a success in the future. See below.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that both my personal and business Cover Photos are what you might call “safe.” I didn’t take any risks, but I also did what I needed to do – I did it! Too many individuals and businesses are neglecting this important new Facebook feature. This is exactly why I loved Julia Campbell’s article on, “How to Create a Kickass Facebook Cover Photo.” In it, she profiles some terrific Cover Photos, those that take risks and truly represent their personalities. And she gives a few phenomenal resources for developing your own Cover Photo or outsourcing it to a designer.

If you haven’t yet created your own Cover Photo, do it today. It makes your Facebook more….you!

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