How to Find All the Answers

Posted February 27, 2013 by Rebecca Niziol in Life After Five

It’s no wonder we get caught up going through the motions. Even when we are doing what we love, we fall into a pattern of schedules, to-dos, and  “making it work.” The hustle and bustle of every day is certainly a full time job, and you could spend your whole life doing “what you’re supposed to,” without even a second glance at the bigger picture.

But that life is more like a shell, or an outline of what your life could be. And all the fun and excitement comes from what you fill that shell with. It’s how you connect the dots and fill in the blanks that give life meaning. So, what is the big picture?

It’s that viewpoint where you see everything clearly at once: where the past, the present, and the future merge together, forming one big map of your life. It is a collision of who you are and who you could be. It’s all of the possibilities that lie ahead of you, and all of the lessons you’ve already learned, being paired with your level of consciousness right here, right now.

It is incredibly exciting, and also incredibly scary. Which is why we ask a lot of questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What should I do with my life?
  • When is my time up?
  • Where should I be and where should I go?
  • Why am I here?

And then, we spend the rest of our lives looking for the answers. We search, wonder, and hope that one day we’ll wake up and it will all make sense. All the pieces of the puzzle will finally fall into place, and we will experience that “aha!” moment–when suddenly every interaction and person in our life is put into perspective. Our lives become one hell of a ride.

But wouldn’t it be nice if someone just laid it all out for us? It would save us a lot of trouble and heartbreak. And sure, there are the great leaders and the wise old books that guide us in the right direction. But when it comes down to you, and your life, I hate to be the one to say it, but…

You are the only one who can find the answer.

There is no magic pill. There is no easy way. No one can tell you the “right” what to do, or how to do it, when it should happen, or who you should be with. It doesn’t matter how brilliant, wise, or admired they are. You are the only person who can answer those questions for yourself – if you want to be truly happy.

But here’s the bright side: On some deep level, you already know all the answers.

Okay, you might want to punch me in the face right now for saying that. I know, it doesn’t always feel like you know what to do, or who you are. But let’s put it this way: You have the potential to answer every question you’ll ever have.

That is one of the reasons I love coaching. A great coach knows you are the master at your own life.  They simply guide you to see the things you might not be able to see on your own. They help you shift through the muck that’s covering and coating your luminous potential. A masterful coach will put you in a position of power, and reveal who you really are.

In fact, you are given the exact skill set you need in order to live out your life brilliantly. You will meet all the right people (even if they seem like the wrong ones at the time). You will end up doing exactly what you’re meant to do (sooner or later). And you will be who you are meant to be (whether you are aware of it or not).

The signature at the bottom of my emails is one of my all time favorite quotes: “The universe will support you in your purpose, because it made you to fulfill it.

Why not believe it? You have everything you need! It’s amazing really, how supported we are.

With every answer, a dozen more questions follow. Life has its way of keeping things fresh and thrilling, so we never get bored. It is as if each key we find unlocks a door, only to reveal a room filled with more locked doors. But that’s half the pleasure, continuously searching. It’s what makes us human. We have an insatiable curiosity to understand ourselves, and the meaning of our lives.

It is your job to continue to be a seeker. With each key you find, you will unlock another door filled with happiness and fulfillment, and also more mystery. And each door you pass through, you learn a little bit more about yourself. You might walk through one door in your lifetime that reveals all the answers, or you might have to unlock one thousand.

  • Where do you find your answers?
  • What doors have you unlocked and opened?
  • What are the most important lessons you’ve learned thus far?

About the Author

Rebecca Niziol

Rebecca Niziol, ELI-MP, is many things: a life coach, yoga teacher, dancer, event planner, connection catalyst, and your new best friend. Her mission is to empower others to live the authentic life of their dreams. After years of traveling North America and Europe, she is happy to have found a home and community in Chicago.