How to ROCK a Conference

Posted January 31, 2013 by Marcy Twete in Networking Buzz

Last summer, we gave you the skinny on which women’s conferences are the best to attend, and how you can make the most of your trip to any conference. But today, that advice gets better. We’re bringing you great advice from our friends at Women CEO Project on “How to ROCK a Biz Conference Like a Pro.”

Below are just a few of the tips from Kristi Jackson we love when it comes to hitting up that conference you’re going to next month with GUSTO:

  • After registering for the conference, find out if there are any pre-conference virtual chats, tweet-ups, groups chats, etc. where you can meet other attendees and possibly speakers before the conference. This helps you to further plan your strategy and know who is going to be there. Check out some of these potential conference goers on Linkedin.
  • Look up the speakers’ websites beforehand , tweet them directly and let them know you are coming and can’t wait to hear them speak.
  • Wear comfortable shoes AND bring your flats. You know why.
  • Follow up the same day to meet someone. This is one of our Power Moves icon smile How to ROCK a Biz Conference Like a Pro and it is HIGHLY effective. They will have you fresh on their mind and you can set up meetings before or after the conference to immediately start talking business AND you’ve no doubt taken our tip from earlier this week and have your proposal conveniently located on your phone right?
  • I’ve asked a friendly sponsor directly if I could have a VIP Pass for my mother and I to the pre-dinner reception. I told him that this yearly conference with my mother is our special time, and she’s love to meet Judge Hatchett and the rest is history…..

There’s more great advice on rocking the conference AND how to impress those you meet at the Women CEO Project. Click here!

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