How to Spice Up Your Office Beauty Look

Posted August 17, 2013 by Guest Writer in Building Your Brand

CGN is delighted to host Katie McBroom, Allure’s 2013 most buzz-worthy beauty blogger in this week”s edition of CGN’s Insider Report


Hi Career Girls! Katie from Martinis and Mascara here to share some quick tips on beauty for business. It’s a common misconception that beauty for the office must be boring, but even in a workplace setting there can be some wiggle room to let your personality shine through. (Just to be on the safe side, read your company manual and dress code requirements thoroughly before you get too creative.) You want to strike the right balance for you.

Maybe you keep it neutral during the week and rock something a little sassier on casual Friday? Or maybe you’re the boss and you can mix it up whenever you want? Either way, here are some fun additions you can incorporate into your professional beauty routine:

Colored Eyeliner

  • Rather than decking your whole lid in something shocking, keep your shadow look neutral and add a pop of color on your waterline. It’s enough to make a statement and change up your look without being too over the top. I love applying Urban Decay’s 24/7 eyeliner pencil for this purpose. The line is offered in a rainbow of shades from metallic golden shimmers to rich smoky blacks.

Textured Nails

  • I think it’s universally understood that it’s a no-no to pair bright crazy nails with a high profile job, but with the textured nail trend you can still showcase your personality in your manicure. On the bargain beauty end, Sally Hansen recently launched several textured options like the Fuzzy Coat polish. Opt for a light pinkish tone like “Wool Lite” and enjoy the unique woven effect without shocking your coworkers too much. Higher end brand Ciate also boasts a line of fun textured options. My fave is Ciate’s Chalkboard Manicure (which would be adorable for a grade school teacher, by the way)!

Colored Mascara

  • I’m not saying to sweep up lime green tinted mascara on your lashes every day. Opt for a deep plum or navy shade of mascara and it will add a subtle hint of color. It’s something a little different that creates a soft flattering effect and will make your eyes pop. Maybelline recently released a batch of limited edition Great Lash shades that are perfect affordable options if you want to experiment with this trend.

Fake Lashes

  • Falsies at work?! Why not? False lashes can really tie together a polished look. They don’t have to scream “drag lashes” either. My favorite work wear pair is Andrea ModLash #53 (this is also the variation I stick to for bridal makeup). They create a beautiful natural look. Just make sure they are applied properly. Falsies hanging off your lash line can end up creating the reverse effect!

Bold Lips

  • It’s hard to go wrong with a strong, bold lip. Maybe red is your signature? Or maybe you opt to embrace the fall trends and sport a deep wine-hued pout. Either way, a bold lip can be strong and powerful in the boardroom and beyond!

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