Interview Outfits for Women for Every Job

Posted November 26, 2012 by Marcy Twete in Building Your Brand
Recently, we gave you tips and tricks to dress for an interview if you’re the kind of gal who simply hates dressing up. But what about those of us who like wearing dress clothes? We know, we know, you still need to dress for interviews, too! And just like those who hate dressing up, you might not be keen on wearing the traditional simple black suit. You want to show your personality, too! And you want to make sure your style and your professionalism are front and center in the portrayal of your outfit.

Redbook recently put together a beautiful slideshow of the “Perfect Outfit for Every Type of Job Interview” and we LOVE it! What you’d wear to an interview for a position as corporate legal counsel will be very different from what someone who works in a more creative field would wear, and Redbook’s editors hit the nail on the head for each of these industries. Here are the links to every industry included, and a few photos of our favorite Redbook picks.

Creative Jobs

Teaching Jobs

Finance Jobs (Shown Below)

Legal Jobs

Medical Jobs

PR and Fashion Jobs (Shown Below)

Phone Interviews

Video Interviews




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