Is Your Job Dragging You Down? 2 Things To Do That Will Get You Excited Again!

Posted May 20, 2013 by Christie Mims in Career Moves
Sometimes you love your job, and it completely fuels your fire. Sometimes you hate it, and it completely drags you down.  Sometimes you love it and you hate it, and sit at your desk wondering why you are so SO tired (and hoping that the coffee will kick in. Please. Anytime!).

I understand both feelings.  This morning, I woke up feeling tired – I knew I had to do some logistics planning for an upcoming new venture I’m working on, and the thought of excel spreadsheets drove me to want to hide under the covers…and I LOVE my job.  And on the other hand, when I was consulting, I would wake up when I had certain meetings on the calendar and just…roll over.  I would end up pressing snooze to avoid having to get up, and then when I did finally get up I would race to get ready, throw on some clothes, and feel annoyed at work that IT made me look bad.  And feel bad.  Obviously my wrinkled attire and poorly applied eye makeup was due to my job, right?
I share this to say that we have all been there.  And it’s kind of a vicious cycle. You wake up tired, go into work feeling detached, end up phoning in some of your job, and then feel worse.  You go home exhausted from doing less than your best, feel guilty, get annoyed, and then the cycle starts all over again the next day.
You may love your job, you may be tired of your job, but either way, you know you have to stay in your job for a little longer at least.  So, where does that leave you?

  1. The first thing I want you to think about when you are stuck at your desk procrastinating and feeling low is this: When was I last exceptional in my work? When did you last do something that was not only required, but went so far above and beyond you got a large sense of satisfaction knowing you had done great work? Remember that feeling? When you know that what you have done is amazing, and you feel inspired, satisfied, and complete? Remember that burst of energy that you get when you go one step farther than what is expected of you and someone says: “Wow.” And more importantly, you say “wow.” Your happiness and energy at work come from how happy you are with yourself – and sometimes all we need to get a small boost of pleasure is knowing that we have done our best, and what we have done is good. Focus, get involved, and do one thing that is absolutely exceptional today.  Not to be Pollyanna about it (I’m too snarky for Pollyanna), but I promise you will feel better.
  2. Think about where you want to be in a year. When you have that thought, what #1 thing would make you happier in a year than where you are today? Be specific, and get really clear on what that thing is, and then start moving towards it.  Sometimes, when work drags us down and life is busy, we stop making progress in our careers.  And progress is hugely motivational.  It provides you that intrinsic shot in the arm of “You did well!” that keeps us going when things get tough, gets us engaged and excited about what is next, and gets us off the couch when Real Housewives is on.  Or maybe that is just me.


You can do this!

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Christie Mims is The Radical Fairy Godmother to the Woman Trapped in Her Suit. A job reinvention specialist, she is a certified professional career and transition coach with a background working for Fortune 500 companies, the Department of Defense, and large Federal agencies. As a former business unit director in a top consulting firm, she has been there, done that, and worn those uncomfortable shoes. So, while she knows that career transition is hard, it doesn’t have to be lonely! Feeling stuck in your suit? Grab her free job UNstuck kit over at! (That is also where she keeps her sage career wisdom AND a side sass). It’s time to make your career happy!