It’s January! (Okay, not yet, but we’re closing in!) + Why You Need To Think About This Now

Posted October 18, 2012 by Melissa Foster in On the Ladder

How would it feel to be standing strong,
full of accomplishment as you enter 2013?

It never fails: Every January, I talk to amazing people who want nothing more than to feel the freshness of the new year. Instead, they feel dimmed by an energy-draining reminder that they are once again setting out to cover ground that’s all too familiar.

They are not happy with where they are. Just like they weren’t last January. It’s not that they haven’t moved forward. It’s not that they haven’t had some success. They have! It’s that the things they really want, the hard things, aren’t here yet — despite all the excitement and intention that typically surrounds the turn of the year.

There are four reasons why we fail when we set out to create change:

1) Lack of accountability & support

Support and accountability play a big role in letting go of what you don’t want in your life, and creating what you do want.

Being immersed in a group of people with common goals creates momentum. And on the journey of creating a new normal for yourself, momentum is your friend.

Not only does going it alone reduce your odds of actually succeeding, but it also makes for a bumpier ride along the way.

2) Setting the wrong goals

It’s actually a common and easy-to-make mistake to set the wrong goal from the get-go!

This can happen when we misjudge what we really want. We decide to leap towards a big, ultimate dream that’s just too far off to effectively achieve without a few steps in between. We go for too much at once, and expend an absurd amount of energy with little to show for it.

3) No clear plan of action

Once you have accountability/support in place and you’ve checked to make sure that your goal(s) is conducive to creating real change, you’ve got to give some attention to what your plan of action is going to look like.

Your plan of action must take into consideration the three factors that influence behavior: How you think, how you feel, and your environment.

By adjusting the details of all three factors, you set yourself up for success.

4) A misaligned mindset

The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking. ~Albert Einstein

The mind is so freakin’ powerful.

When your mind generates crappy thoughts that contradict your progress, a gap is created between you and the achievement of your goals.

It’s critical to deliberately tell yourself (remind yourself of) things in alignment with the outcome you desire.

(This is a big part of getting coached. A good coach will never let you get away with anything but the truth.)

New Year Intensity vs. This Year’s Consistency

Everyone knows that the new year brings with it a certain amount of resolution in all of us. We get amped up about what we’ll accomplish the next year, and we reflect on the year we’ve just wrapped up.

The new year intensity is fueled by a surge in willpower. In January, we are hyper-willing to make changes in our lives. But willpower is an exhaustible resource (one of my favorite facts from Switch). Therefore, any change that you may get a taste of is short-lived, leaving you with that deflated sense of “WTF?

The truth is that consistency matters a lot more than intensity. Setting yourself up to really accomplish the things that matter to you is about getting a system in place NOW, so none of the four things I mentioned above apply to you next year.

Tighten Up 2012

The last few months of the year is a CRUCIAL time.

The new year is a marker. A deadline. Decide to properly focus your attention on an attainable goal. Implement accountability measures and enforce a plan of action.

I’m excited to announce Tighten Up 2012, which is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in consistent focus. It’s a program set up to help you instigate positive changes before 2012 ends, so that next January you’re in the minority: You’re in the minority looking back and thinking, “I did it.”

You will be held accountable.

You will be surrounded by support.

You’ll have a plan of action and you’ll have me there the whole time, pushing you forward.

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Who’s Tighten Up for?

You might want to get healthier. You might want to further your career or start a business. You might have a half-finished book or side project that needs attention.

When I work intensely with people who are motivated and ready to go, real change happens. New Year’s resolutions be damned…we’re starting now, people!

Exceptional coaching matched with a ready client becomes momentum like you’ve never seen before. If you’re a ready client, Tighten Up 2012 is creatively designed to help you sidestep everything that hinders us when we set goals. It’s designed to help you FLY. You’ll be in a flow like you’ve never been before.

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