Time for Moving On

Posted August 26, 2013 by Monica O'Connell in Life After Five

I was having coffee with a lovely friend of mine who often finds ways to articulate my experience far more successfully than I do. Ever have those moments when you’ve taken a paragraph to describe something and someone swoops in and sums it up brilliantly? If you’re one of those people, let’s spend more time together. It’s greatly appreciated it.

Without further ado, this is what she said,

I’ve extracted everything I can from this experience.

I fell in love with this sentence. It perfectly summed up my experience in a way that felt so empowering.

Sometimes we’re in a place where it’s time to make moves.  Maybe it’s a job, a relationship, a way of seeing ourselves, a house, a state, a friendship.  Maybe it’s a position, a role, a class.

From where I’m standing, it’s clear I’m ready for something else. I’ve taken away all I can.

I know I’m here when:

  • I get irritated far more often than anyone else ever needs to about something.
  • I start judging and comparing myself to others and others to others.
  • I’m jonesing for chaos or an opportunity to stir things up.

Depending on the situation, maybe my attendance starts to wane and not because I’m “too busy” to be there even though that’s what I’m telling myself.  I start avoiding, withdrawing, getting annoyed and stop showing up with courage.

When do you know you’re there?

Realizing I’m in this place is powerful. And, by the way, it doesn’t mean that anyone or any situation is wrong or bad or that I’m too good for it.  It means I need to make a change.  From here, I get to shift my perception, shift my role. I get to start having more open conversations about my needs, my development, my future.  My next big move or my next teeny tiny move.  In this place, I’m asking for help, I’m enrolling people in my dreams and I’m taking the next step in my growth.

Are you in this place? Ready to make moves?

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Monica O'Connell

Monica O’Connell is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In her practice, she spends her career cheering on “Career Girls” as they learn how to get the most out of life. Monica works with arguably some of the most successful, intelligent, inspiring women in the Twin Cities who tackle self-discovery, career success, and what’s getting in the way of their true desires. She shares her favorite moments as those “best described not by words but by the stomach aching, face soreness that comes from spending an entire day laughing with loved ones.”