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3 Tips for Your Job Search Romance

Posted April 30, 2014 by Denise DeGennaro in Career Moves
Recently I was sitting in a meeting where a search for a position that had recently closed was being discussed. One of the search committee members was updating the group on the search and mentioned that there were many applications that were “throwaways” once you read the cover letter.

Why is this?

Well, these candidates failed to use the correct position and/or company name when stating their interest in the cover letter! This got me thinking: the job search is very similar to dating. Would you ever tolerate being called the wrong name by a potential suitor, or worse, an ex’s name?! I doubt it…and even if you forgave the person for the slip at first, I bet it’d start a fight.

Keep these 3 Tips In Mind:

  • Employers want to be wanted. Just like anyone being courted, employers who are seeking candidates want to think you only have eyes for them. Reality is, as a job seeker you may be doing a wide search – but don’t let employers know this by failing to personalize your application materials.
  • You have to present yourself well. Agonizing over appearances is common to the job search and dating. Whether you are picking out the perfect suit for an interview or choosing a sassy first date outfit, scrutinizing details of your physical appearance is normal for dating and job searching. This is part of why both are so stressful! In either case, remember that you can dress for success and still be yourself!
  • Communication is a mystery. Waiting for an email or phone call can leave you wondering about the status of your candidacy for weeks on end. Have you ever been in a similar situation with a potential suitor, waiting anxiously for a text or call? Similar to dating, rejection can come quietly with no reply – often times you will not be notified if you are not found to be a good fit for a position. Remember, in either situation, if it doesn’t work out, it’s okay! Patience is necessary to finding the right person or position.

Of course, finding the right person for you is not as straightforward as applying to a job. Both processes are subject to so many variables, which is why it’s important to take rejection in stride. Don’t let it knock you down! Job searching is really all about relationship-building at its heart. The best advice I can give in both cases is to be the best version of yourself, trust your gut, laugh at the similarities between the two processes, and take solace in the fact that these are experiences we all go through!

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Denise DeGennaro

Denise DeGennaro is a student affairs professional who helps undergrad and graduate students (and sometimes friends and family) at all stages in their transitions from school to career. She is an expert resume and cover letter writer and reviewer. Denise received her Master's in Higher Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Outside of work, Denise enjoys all things girly and loves testing out the latest beauty and nail art trends.