Desired Job Skills for 2013: Why You Need Personal Branding

Posted November 29, 2012 by Marcy Farrey in Career Moves

If you plan to spend the first part of the new year job hunting (maybe it’s a New Year’s resolution?), then you’re likely gearing up for the search now. What skills will you need to get ahead, to stand out from the crowd?

The Wall Street Journal recently posted a great article, “Must-Have Job Skills for 2013.” We here at Career Girl Network want to draw attention to one of those today: Personal Branding.

Personal branding means you have a presence in your industry, in-person and online. You have a presence on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. And while we all may not love what these social media websites are doing for in-person interactions, you have to know how to use some, if not all of them, in a smart way. Meredith Haberfield, an executive career coach interviewed by the WSJ, says online presence is important for employers:

More and more employers are looking for employees to tweet on their behalf, to blog on their behalf, to build an audience and write compelling, snappy posts.

As a member of a company, you are also an ambassador for the brand. If you can help their mission and work reach a wider audience, the appeal of having you on their team is even greater.

So, even if you are someone who hates Facebook, Twitter, etc., consider learning how to use some of these to your advantage. You don’t have to be friends with and connected to everyone from your high school, but you do need to show you are engaged with the community. And, more importantly, you should be engaged in meaningful way. Be smart about what you post — it should be useful to others in your industry. Look at it this way — you are helping inform others, instead of just posting what you had for dinner.

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