Reward Offered: Please Return My Jawline!

Posted February 2, 2013 by Katherine Toll in Building Your Brand

Someone hi-jacked my jawline and I want it back!

A few months ago I popped on a pair of earrings and asked my gal-pal to snap a profile picture of me, so I could send it to my stepdaughter. (Erin was preparing for an upcoming evening event, and needed the perfect accessory for her dress.)

Giddy with delight, I thought I found the solution for her. However, as I reviewed the pictures, my jawline (or lack of one) caught my attention way before the earrings did. What the hell happened? In my mind’s eye, my jawline appeared firm and youthful, but the picture I stared at now depicted something more, well…dare I say it? Middle-aged.

I want my jawline back!

I want my jawline back!

Once again, the cruel slap of reality reminded me I’m not 32 years old anymore – even though (in my mind) I still feel like one, ergo, I must look like one, right? WRONG!

But, last weekend I discovered a fab solution for my slackening jawline and my battered ego: the NuFACE Trinity.  The company describes the device this way,

NuFACE® devices combine the science of Microcurrent Technology and advanced proprietary engineering into safe, easy to use, hand-held facial toning devices. What makes NuFACE different from other modalities for facial lifting is the ease of use, convenience, and efficacy. In fact, NuFACE devices are the first and only hand held microcurrent devices FDA-cleared for at-home use.


WOW! That sounded like a lot of babble to me, but who cares! The words ‘facial’ and ‘lifting’ sang out to me, and compelled me to learn more. My God, how does this gadget actually work? According to,

Microcurrent works by targeting the muscles under the skin that causes our facial skin to wrinkle and sag.

Color me happy! This solves my problem! Answers my prayers! Costs $325.00! STOP THE PRESSES… costs $325? Evidently, packaging microcurrent technology costs a pretty penny. Either that, or NuFACE reaps a hell of a profit margin from their gadget. (I suspect a little bit of both.) After a bit of research, I found that offers the device for $295 + a $10.10 shipping fee, which represents a whooping six percent savings!

I (as I often do) rationalized the  purchase because I scored a quasi-deal. (Plus, I could return it within 30 days if my miracle results eluded me.)  Six days into my endeavor, I delight in reporting to Career Girls everywhere my face and jawline appear better contoured. I love using the gadget, which takes five minutes for the ‘basic’ treatment and 15 minutes for the ‘advanced treatment.’ Thus far I use it:

  • In the morning – I find it helps reduce facial puffiness, especially around my eyes, plus my facial contours (jawline, cheekbones, etc.) look lifted and toned. I actually took a double take in a mirror this week because I looked so refreshed!
  • At least five days a week – NuFACE recommends using it 5 days a week for the first 90 days. After 90 days, they suggest using it one – three times a week for ‘maintenance.’
  • Five minutes, most mornings –Most mornings, I prefer the five- minute basic treatment, but when extra time emerges I complete the full fifteen minute advanced treatment.
  • With the NuFACE Gel PrimerApply a thin layer of the Gel Primer BEFORE you treat each section of the face. It allows the device to glide over the skin and it promotes the deepest penetration of the microcurrent. reports the microcurrent technology is generally safe, however they offer the following warning, as does NuFACE,

For safety reasons, people who wear a pacemaker or who have epilepsy, thrombosis or any heart problem should not get microcurrent facials.

Aside from these restrictions, I award a hearty two-thumbs up to this device. Happy contouring!

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