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Posted July 13, 2013 by Katherine Toll in Building Your Brand
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I love a fabulous red lip on any woman. It immediately brightens her face and tells the world she plans to show up wherever she goes! It’s a natural shade choice for any woman who has a speaking engagement, a big presentation, or wants a clean, sophisticated look for an event.

I recently came across the fabulous Lisa Eldridge’s post on her recommended reds, so let me share a few of her picks with you, and then read on for my quippy applications tips.

For the faint of heart:

Lipstick Queen in Medieval.

For anyone who is scared off at the thought of red lips, this product is perfect. Firstly it’s a joy to use as the stick itself is pure vitamin E and extremely moisturising and comfortable to wear. Secondly it gives your lips a natural ‘just been eating berries’ stain that suits everyone. The end result is very healthy looking, not too shiny lips that look sexy and feel gorgeously soft. This product is particularly useful to very fair girls who just don’t feel comfortable in bold, dense reds.

Shu Uemura in RD160.

This sheer bright red lip pencil is easy to apply and makes lips look super shiny, happy ‘popsicle’ bright without too much pigment. The colour has pinky, corally undertones (although I found it looks different on everyone depending on skintone) and is buildable whilst remaining transparent and wearable.

For the bold of heart:

Revlon Colourstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in Finale.

A bold, classic red with neutral undertones this lipstick feels impossibly light on the lips, you will forget you are even wearing it. Half way between a full pigment cream lipstick and a stain, there is enough colour to make a statement without feeling too much. The finish is a soft velvety sheen and the staying power is off the chart. As with most very long lasting products, this can make dry lips feel drier so apply a little balm over the top for extra moisture if necessary.

Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Majella.

Ever since I worked on the advertising film for this product I’ve had this shade in my kit. Pure ‘Studio 54’ 70’s disco glam… I always think of Bianca Jagger when I apply! It’s a fabulous glamorous summer evening red for olive and dark skin (also looks good, although more dramatic and deep, on fair skins. Creamy, densely pigmented with good staying power and shiny satin finish.

For any who need a few tips when sporting a red lip:

  1. Use a lip brush: I like control when I apply my red shades, so I swear by my handy dandy Sephora retractable lip brush. Buy a couple – keep one in your makeup bag and one on your make-up desk at home. (What’s that you say? You don’t have a make-up desk at home. Oh. Hmmm….maybe that’s just me.)
  2. Keep your favorite concealer, nude lip liner, and a wannbe beauty blender handy: I love, love, LOVE a clean lip line. Use a nude lip liner after you complete your application, and then clean up any mistakes you’ve make with a bit of concealer on your beauty blender.
  3. You made your one-stand-out choice: Don’t over-do your look with heavy eyes, splashy blush, and big hair. That look works in Texas, not a business meeting. (Unless you happen to work in Texas, or for the beauty, creative, or an otherwise accepting industry that won’t think you look like a tramp. But, even then, don’t do it. I take it all back. You made your choice. Embrace it!)

What’s your favorite red lip color? Come on, you know you have one!

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