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Last Year on CGN…

Posted November 1, 2013 by Career Girl Network in Features

We’re starting a new feature on Career Girl today that you’ll begin to see every Friday….Last Year on Career Girl! CareerGirlNetwork.com launched on March 7, 2012 out of 6+ years of blogging on numerous platforms including Chicago Career Girl and Minneapolis Career Girl. As we move into our second year, we’re looking back every week at the best articles from 365 days ago.

Last Year on Career Girl…

  • One of our more controversial articles last year: “Don’t Call Me Sweetie” addresses whether or not it’s ok to use names like “sweetie” and “honey” in professional situations.
  • We all want to feel more secure financially, but how can we do it? Kelley Long tells us in “3 Steps to Financial Freedom.”
  • We can’t believe it’s been a year since the incredible Kathi Toll joined CGN! Read her first article here, “Is Lip Gloss a Feminist Issue?”
  • You want to leave your job, but how do you do it without burning bridges? Find out in “How to Professionally and Tactfully Leave a Job.”
  • Love your daytime wardrobe, but just can’t seem to transition it to evening? Michelle Cocouture solves that problem in this “Dressing After Five” tutorial.

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