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Posted April 16, 2014 by Sara Hauber in Building Your Brand
When you look in the mirror, why not be as happy as she is?

When you look in the mirror, why not be as happy as she is?

Why on earth should you look at yourself naked?

I thought about this the other day as I stepped out of the shower.

As women, we are taught from day one that our bodies are not right. They are inherently wrong; we need to “fix” them, restrict them, control them, and never be satisfied with them.

These harmful myths are ubiquitous in every type of media we see on a daily basis.

  • Fitness magazines? Tell you every month that you are not fit enough.
  • Romantic movies? Only super-gorgeous girls get the guys (and the guys are usually not even near “hot”).
  • Reality TV shows? Reality? For whom? People who devote their lives to plastic surgery maybe. Even “reality” fitness stars hate their bodies, so why even watch these horrible shows?
  • Women’s magazines? The WORST! Everything you do needs fixing, according to these awful rags and the junk articles they just keep recycling every month. And their Photoshoped images just perpetuate the myth of women’s bodies looking a certain way.

So my method of combatting these hurtful, harmful messages is simple:

Look at yourself naked. I mean really look at yourself. Admire the incredible body that you have; every inch of it is kind of amazing.

Do this simple act on a daily basis, and you just can’t hate your body anymore. It’s never done anything bad to you. Ever.

Your mind has been messing with you since forever, thanks to those ludicrous messages I outlined above. But your body? It just keeps trucking along, keeping you alive, no matter what you choose to do to it, or what others have done to it.

We women suffer emotional, psychological, and often (horrifyingly) physical abuse to our bodies. But our bodies themselves just don’t let us down. Even my twisted body, with its crazy spinal curve and indented clavicle and hip hemangioma and on and on—I can do nothing but love and appreciate it when I look in the mirror, because without it, I don’t exist.

Isn’t it time you fell in love with your body?

What’s stopping you? And who do you have to blame if you don’t?

Time to step naked in front of that mirror.

About the Author

Sara Hauber

Sara Hauber, M.A., is a certified wellness coach, yoga teacher, and functional-fitness specialist whose mission is to help you overcome obstacles to achieve radiant health and vitality. Since undergoing complete spinal fusion for scoliosis, Sara has been empowering others to transform their bodies, eliminate pain, and embrace joy, love, and life. In 2012 she introduced The Hauber Method™, her signature at-home method for eliminating back pain: haubermethod.com.


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