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Posted February 14, 2013 by Lauren McCabe Herpich in On the Ladder
Photo Courtesy: Laura Doss/Corbis

Photo Courtesy: Laura Doss/Corbis

It’s Valentine’s Day and I thought it was only fitting to write about love.  However, I’m not writing about finding romantic love (even though that is always fun to talk about).  What I want to discuss today is finding love in what we do.

As I shared with all of you when I first started writing for Career Girl Network back in December, I recently left my Fortune 100 job to start my own business Why Not Girl!.  Since then I find myself constantly talking with other women about how much happier I am not only with my “job,” but also with my whole self.  To be honest, I’m not sure if it’s entirely due to being an entrepreneur.  I still have those days when I wake up and wonder if this was the right decision, especially when that monthly student loan payment is due.  But overall, I feel great because I feel like it’s a better fit for me and I think my body also agrees.

I recently discovered an article in U.S. News and World Report by life coach Curt Rosengren, author of 101 Ways to Get Wild About and The Occupational Adventure Guide.  Rosengren agrees that when you are in a position that “lights you up” you are creating benefits to your health and your career success.  He notes the following observations:

  • You have more energy to put into your success (i.e. energy feeds more energy)
  • You feel more confident
  • Your are more easily persistent
  • You have a sustainable source of energy
  • You enjoy the rest of your life more

While I’m not saying that you need to be an entrepreneur to experience any or all of these benefits, but I would agree loving my work has made me love myself more. I find that I make more time to work out, to meet with friends for lunch, to explore my new area of San Francisco, to be with my husband, but I also work more. I am constantly thinking about my work, but I am also energized by it. In my opinion and from what I am getting out of Rosengren’s article, it is more about what you want out of your job and not just the job description.

So what lights you up? I challenge you, much like how I am continuing to challenge myself, to truly understand what it is about your work that you love. Is it the actual task or the autonomy? Is it being in a social office space or working for a greater good? Is it the industry or your mentoring supervisor? Dig deep and give some love to yourself this Valentine’s Day by figuring out what you love about what you do.

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