How To Make The Most Of Your LinkedIn Profile

Posted February 12, 2014 by Kit Graham in On the Ladder
Your LinkedIn profile can be the first impression you make on a potential employer. It is how you present yourself to friends, colleagues, and people you may not know. LindedIn can connect you to collaborators and employers, so it is important that your profile makes the right impression.

Follow these tips to make the most of your LindedIn profile:

  • Write a summary. Tell people what you do, why you enjoy it, and what your ambitions are.
  • Update your profile quarterly. Add any new skills, responsibilities, or accomplishments.
  • Think of your profile as a more detailed resume. You are freed from the idea of fitting all of your professional accomplishments on one page. If you use your LinkedIn profile to record your accomplishments, it will serve as an excellent rough draft for a resume.
  • As you update your profile, remove any details that aren’t relevant to your current career ambitions. If you have been promoted out of an administrative role, you don’t need to go into detail about that position.
  • Ask for recommendations. Consider doing this just after you have completed big projects. You want to request recommendations while your work is fresh in the other person’s mind.
  • List your involvement with volunteering, charities, and your community. This lets everyone know a little more about you, and helps you stand out from the crowd in a great way.
  • Include a photo, but pick one that is professional. Choose a basic headshot. Don’t create a headshot by obviously cropping a group photo.
  • Always be building your network. Regularly go through the business cards that have been given to you, and add these people as connections on LinkedIn.
  • Join groups relating to your profession; this can be a great way to stay up to date on news relating to your profession, and a way to expand your network.
  • Think twice about connecting with people you don’t know. Consider the personal information revealed in your profile before sharing it with people you haven’t met or don’t have a connection to.
  • Pay attention to your privacy settings. Determine what activity you want broadcast in your feed. You can turn activity broadcasts on and off. If you are updating your profile to say you are looking for a job, you may not want to broadcast this if you are connected to current co-workers.
  • Most importantly, if you are looking for a job, indicate it on your LinkedIn profile.

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