How to Make the Most out of Progress Reviews

Posted October 15, 2013 by Leni Schimpf in On the Ladder

Progress reviews are a great way to advance your career. Having a moment to sit down with your supervisor is not only a great way to discuss your progress over the past year or months, but also a way to discuss your goals and take on more responsibilities.

Below I discuss three ways to get the most out of your progress review.

  • Opportunity to discuss your goals and take on more responsibilities: Progress reviews are not only for your supervisor to tell you what they want, but it should also be a two-way street and you should discuss what you want as well! Go into your progress reviews with your goals in mind and what you want to accomplish over the next six, months 12 months, etc. Use this meeting as an opportunity to take on more responsibilities and focus-in on projects that interest you.
  • Don’t wait till your annual review. Many companies have a set time period when employee reviews occur, however sitting down for less-formal progress review can be extremely helpful for your career.  One of the best things I do to make sure I producing my best work is to check in with my supervisor more than just once a year. I try to sit down and speak with my supervisor every three to six months, to make sure we are both on the same track. Speaking with your supervisor more frequently allows conversations to be more of discussions rather than formal meetings, which is more comfortable for everyone!
  • Use negative feedback to be a better employee and advance your career. No Career Girl wants to hear negative feedback from a supervisor or co-worker, but if this does happen use it as a way to improve yourself as an employee rather than getting personally hurt. It is difficult to not take criticism personally, but when it does happen take the feedback as a positive because your supervisor took the time to help you be a better employee. If the feedback is warranted then make sure to take action. I have been told taking constructive criticism and taking action to “fix” it is a skill. You’ll be a better employee for your team and if you perform better, your team will perform better helping you to advance your career.

When it comes time for your annual review don’t get stressed out! Your supervisor is taking time to discuss your personal growth and how you can be a better employee, and that time and feedback should be valued.

Take the feedback to be an even better Career Girl and help you to climb that corporate ladder!

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Leni Schimpf

Leni Schimpf is a Public Relations Specialist at the law firm Dickstein Shapiro LLP in Washington, DC. She works on a marketing team focusing on business development and growth opportunities for the firm. At the firm, she is responsible for all external and internal communications, social media, and anything related to the press. Leni is a graduate of the University of Maryland, where she majored in Communication, with a concentration in Public Relations, and double majored in Government and Politics.