Done Is Better Than Perfect: Push Out Your Ideas!

Posted January 27, 2013 by Melissa Foster in On the Ladder

checkmarkThere are two kinds of people in this world:

1) Those who get things done.

2) Those who are constantly working on things they want to get done.

The first type of person truly understands that “done is better than perfect,” a concept made famous by Mark Zuckerberg and the company culture of Facebook.

In Your Own Way?

How often do you get in your own way as you work on your ideas and projects?

Tweaking. Perfecting. Focusing on details that don’t really matter. Worrying about what other will think.

It’s exhausting, no?!

Just Push It Out!

Whatever you’re working on, bring your best to the table and GO. Don’t get into over-analyzation mode.

If you find yourself going down the analyzation rabbit hole, remind yourself that this is simply the first iteration of whatever you’re working on! You can tweak it and make improvements AFTER you’ve pushed your work out into the world.

You Deserve It (And so does the world)

Truly living this concept will allow you to get way more done and in a shorter amount of time. You deserve to consistently experience a sense of completion and momentum towards the things that matter to you.

And ALSO – the world needs us to push out our inspired ideas. The world does NOT need perfection.

In the comments below, share what projects you’re working on or want to start + how you’re going to make sure you push out the first version of it!


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