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Cold Got You Down?

Posted January 23, 2013 by Michele Cocouture in Life After Five
Cold & Flu

It’s that time again…cold and flu season.  According to recent reports, the flu season in the U.S. got under way a month early. Jeffrey Shaman, a professor at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health reported that “It’s a very intense transmission season — probably the most intense we’ve seen in a decade.”  If you have succumbed to the symptoms:  runny nose, sneezing, headache or sore throat like me, don’t fret.  Here are 9 tips for the busy career girl to get back on her feet (from my recent personal experience):

  1. I have meetings, deadlines and projects!  If this is your first thought when contemplating calling in sick, it shouldn’t be.  You need to rest so that your body can repair itself.  You are not doing your co-workers any favors by getting them sick at the office.  Stay home and have your tissue box nearby.
  2. Good old fashioned chicken soup.  This will curb your hunger and keep you feeling warm.
  3. Drink lots of fluids such as water and tea.  Keep a water bottle nearby so that you are reminded to keep hydrating.  Liquids help flush out the cold causing viruses.
  4. Stay warm and comfortable.
  5. If you do not need to go out into the cold, don’t.  It’s ok to stay in your pajamas all day.  You are sick.
  6. Dig out those fuzzy slippers that you may have received as a Christmas gift that you thought you would never wear.
  7. If you need to occupy your mind and cannot sleep, you can watch past seasons of a TV series.  I discovered Downton Abbey (and I’m hooked!).
  8. Read a book (or two).
  9. Use your iPad to plan your next vacation.  Thinking about Winter escapes may just help you escape your symptoms.

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