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CGN Recommends: Spanx Hide and Seek Full Slip

Posted October 3, 2009 by Marcy Twete in Building Your Brand
So those of you who know me well know I live (LIVE) in Spanx. I am a slave to the brand name. I’ve tried the knock-offs and the cheaper versions. But for better or for worse, I am a Spanx devotee. And my drug of choice in the Spanx brand is the Higher Power. From thigh to bra strap, it enhances my sexy every single day and makes sure everything is smooth and tight – just like it’s supposed to be.

We’ve encountered a dilemma, however, which I’m blogging about because a number of women have told me they have the same dilemma. Wearing this (see photo below) doesn’t exactly enhance the sexy when a man runs his hand up the back of your leg or (ahem, stop reading brother dearest) rips your clothes off in the heat of passion. It’s what a friend called the “Bridget Jones Moment.”

So earlier this week, I purchased a dress worthy of “million dollar bill” feelings. Black, turtleneck sweater dress curves in all the right places. But of course, one can’t go without Spanx in a dress that tight. But again, the purpose of the dress was to facilitate drooling, which might later lead to ripping off of clothes. So my normal Higher Power just weren’t sexy enough for the occasion, and despite the advice given to me by a friend, I’m not ducking in the bathroom to rip off my Spanx. It’s tacky.

So after hunting Minneapolis for stores that carry Spanx (you’d be surprised, ladies. Trust me, order them online), I found my way to Nordstrom and purchased this happy little number (picture below). It does all the work Higher Power does and then some, it’s super super comfy and it facilitated both the million bucks feeling and the want to rip your clothes off notion in multiple young men. (and apparently getting hit on by 18 year old boys at the Holiday Station, but that’s another story)

So ladies, if you’ve got to rock the sex-pot dress, I recommend dropping the $72 on the Spanx Hide and Sleek Full Slip. Do it. Today.

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