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Posted July 26, 2013 by Kim Dahlgren in Life After Five
Unless you’re an athlete or spend most days switching up your workout routine by engaging in new activities, you probably end up bored at the gym just like I do. When workout boredom kicks in, it’s easy to blow off your plans to log an hour on the treadmill (again), so keeping your exercise routine fresh is important. Exercise boosts our physical and mental strength, making us more effectively at work and at home. Whether you have a membership at the most exclusive fitness club in your city or you barely have room in your apartment to get some jumping jacks in, here are 3 things you can do now to feel motivated to exercise again.

  1. Train with a Friend. Sometimes being held accountable helps us reach our goals faster. We know someone else is counting on us, and if we don’t follow through we’re letting them down as well as ourselves. Training with a friend can mean physically going out for a run together, or just checking in everyday to encourage each other to stick to a routine. When my new year resolution was to get in shape (5 years in a row), I set up my friends Kinect for Xbox with a great training program and it held us both accountable to do our workouts, getting me back in a motivated mindset.
  2. Train for a Race. A friend of mine is competing in the 1/2 Iron Man next week, and her success has motivated me to sign up for a triathlon of my own. Even if the idea of training for a marathon or triathlon sounds daunting, having a goal to work toward is actually the best motivation to get moving! There are plenty of free resources and training plans online you can follow. If you’re not quite sure, start with a 5 or 10k. I’ll be participating in a sprint triathlon, which features shorter distances in each category.
  3. Train with Your Money. If you have the financial means to do so, sign up for a special gym or series of classes. Crossfit, yoga, and other popular workout classes are all great options. When you sign up for a month of fairly expensive classes, you won’t want them to go to waste. Additionally, taking workout classes means you have a built in support system. Exercise classes are often scheduled all throughout the day to meet your needs, and are designed to meet a range of athletic abilities. If you’re trying to save, check out Groupon or other discount sites for fitness class options for less.

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