It’s Much Easier With Someone Else

Posted September 30, 2013 by Monica O'Connell in On the Ladder

My darling friend is having a baby in the nearish future and this is a new experience for her on so many levels. She hasn’t grown up loving kiddos and just recently changed her first diaper at the ripe of age of 30+.  She’s been pregnant for 7+ months and I’ve heard for the past 2 months how her clothes no longer fit her, and all of the free and easy modifications aren’t working any more (using a hair binder on the pants button, for example). We’ve had numerous conversations about how uncomfortable she feels in clothes that don’t fit her.

All you pregnant mamas might relate!

And, then one day we went to the store together and in 25 minutes found some maternity areas, a few clearance items and she’s got a week’s worth of new outfits that fit her.

What made the difference?

I’m not a maternity clothing expert and I didn’t have a secret pregnant woman clothing store locator (Gap maternity is easily found in most shopping malls).

It’s that we were together and I could easily take action with her.

This may seem like a silly scenario, but it most likely happens in areas of your life where you feel least confident and/or in areas you’re unfamiliar with.

You want to try this thing called yoga, or crossfit, or a bootcamp.  You want to try a new art class, a new group, a new business.

And, you haven’t yet. One of the fastest ways to propel yourself into change is to enroll other people.

With others you get:

  1. To share their confidence. They may be a crossfit pro, a resume writing genius, a paper mache wizard.
  2. Company. At least you’re not in it alone if it turns out to be the worst case scenario.
  3. Someone else’s kindness and understanding. Instead of solely relaying on your own.
  4. Accountability. I might reschedule on myself but I’m way less likely to if someone is waiting for me.
  5. Their knowledge and expertise. They’ve already run the Chicago Marathon, so they can tell you about the doozey of an incline at the very end of the race.

Enroll someone in your next new adventure and let me know how it goes!

About the Author

Monica O'Connell

Monica O’Connell is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In her practice, she spends her career cheering on “Career Girls” as they learn how to get the most out of life. Monica works with arguably some of the most successful, intelligent, inspiring women in the Twin Cities who tackle self-discovery, career success, and what’s getting in the way of their true desires. She shares her favorite moments as those “best described not by words but by the stomach aching, face soreness that comes from spending an entire day laughing with loved ones.”