A Networking Haven for Career Girls: GeekGirlCon

Posted November 22, 2013 by Lisa Granshaw in Networking Buzz

This fall I discovered one of the best conventions for Career Girls: GeekGirlCon. The Seattle-based convention is only in its third year and as the name suggests, is meant to celebrate the the female geek. While the name and description might automatically make you think this is just a comic-con directed at women, it is much more than that. GeekGirlCon celebrates women who work in areas like science fiction, fantasy, and in the comic book industry, but they equally highlight women working in technology, science, engineering, media, and much more.

What makes GeekGirlCon an amazing place for in-person networking is that it’s still relatively small. I’ve written about networking at conventions like San Diego Comic-Con before, and all those tips hold true at GeekGirlCon, but the lack of crowds at this convention means it’s even easier to start conversations with people at booths and panels. You don’t need to worry about screaming over the noise of thousands of people. At GeekGirlCon, it’s much easier to find a quiet corner and have an in-depth conversation.

The panels at GeekGirlCon are also much less “Hollywood” than talks at larger conventions. Here they cover all kinds of topics in which women are passionate; from how to encourage girls to become interested in science to how to further the representation of women in geek fashion.

Just because the convention focuses on these issues doesn’t mean men aren’t present. A good number of the attendees there were men, so it really is for everyone.

One of my favorite parts of the convention this year was the GeekGirlConnections area. This small space was dedicated to booths for businesses who could set up and chat with people in a casual environment. They were open to discussing their work and business goals as well as career opportunities within the companies. It was an amazing chance to network with some big companies like Amazon and Bioware. Smaller career panels were also held in this space. They were much more intimate than the larger talks and allowed for a lot of Q&A with attendees. Panels included “Careers in Science,” “How to Build a Kick-Ass Brand on a Start-Up Budget,” and more. I presented a panel called “Breaking into the Media Industry” where I discussed and answered questions about using social media, writing cover letters and resumes, and how my business, Media Career Consulting LLC, could help people wanting a career in the industry.

The intimate atmosphere and range of fields make this October convention a must-visit for Career Girls interested in more networking opportunities. I highly recommend checking out their website and thinking about attending the convention next year on October 11 and 12, 2014.

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