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Posted April 5, 2013 by Marcy Twete in Building Your Brand
Whether you’re in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, or Minneapolis, it’s official: Spring is on the horizon. Even in North Dakota (my home state), snow is starting to melt!

What’s the worst part about Spring, though? The wardrobe choices! You never know if you should wear the coat or not, go bare legged or stick with the tights. You’ll inevitably either be hot or cold! Don’t worry, Career Girl has the skinny on what you need to effectively transition your wardrobe this Spring.

Get to Know “The Style Up”

It’s not often we’d call an email service life changing, but this one is! The Style Up is an email subscription that comes to you once per day (we set ours to come at 9pm in the evening) that gives you:

  • Tomorrow’s weather in your city
  • A photo suggestion of an outfit that would be appropriate to wear in that weather

How does it work?

  • You answer a few questions and tell The Style Up about your style, that way it knows what kinds of outfits to recommend.
  • You check your email and rate the outfits as they come “Love, It’s OK, or Dislike.” That way, The Style Up gets to know you even better over time.
  • And voila, you now know whether you should wear tights or bare legs every day of the week.

Click here to get subscribed to The Style Up now!

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Marcy Twete is the author of "You Know Everybody! A Career Girl’s Guide to Building a Network That Works" and a career expert who believes in order to be empowered in your career, you must be surrounded with resources and a network that both supports and challenges you. Marcy began her own networking journey as a professional fundraiser in the nonprofit industry, honed those skills as a fundraising consultant, and in 2012 networked her way to nearly 1 million readers as the CEO of the professional development website Career Girl Network.


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