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Never Settle for OK.

Posted April 14, 2014 by Amanda Boleyn in On the Ladder
It’s Saturday night and you’re at home when you feel like everyone else and their mother is out “on the town” besides you. Your first instinct is to feel sorry for yourself and then move into the temptation of texting ‘Bob’, who you had an ok date with last week. You’re not really jiving with ‘Bob’, but you figure if you could meet up or hang out with him it would be better than sitting on the couch by yourself.


Whether it is dating, school or whatever, we must be purposeful in our actions. Only a dead fish goes with the flow.  Too many times we allow people and events into our lives as fillers; something to pass the time when there is no true intention.

If we don’t jive with Bob, then we don’t jive. Admit it. (I tell you this because I’ve done this.) Time spent alone is better than time spent with someone in which we have no interest. Sometimes we have to create space and say no to the stuff that doesn’t drive any meaning in order for our true wants and needs to enter into our lives.

In order to create space we must be purposeful by defining our wants and values and practice saying No, when something we don’t want comes along whether it be dating or a career.

Never settle for OK.

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Amanda Boleyn

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