6 Ways to Never Skip Your Workout Again

Posted May 8, 2014 by Dana Vogel in Life After Five

We’ve all been there — we have the best intentions of hitting the gym in the evening but after getting home from an exhausting day at the office, ordering takeout, and logging in to Netflix, those good intentions are out the door. Make this a habit, and soon you’ll be more and more tired as time goes on.

Exercise is a proven mood-booster — making you feel happier and more relaxed— and can even reduce fatigue. Career Girls know how important it is to keep your energy levels up and to keep stress in check. But how do you find the energy and motivation to get to your workout in the first place?

Try one these 6 strategies to never skip your workout again.

  1. Put your workout on your schedule. You wouldn’t skip an important meeting with a client or ditch an appointment with a doctor, hair stylist, or mentor. Enter the time and location into your phone’s calendar or your day planner. Treat your workout the same way you’d treat an appointment, and keep that commitment. Accountability is key.
  2. Sign up ahead of time. A lot of classes require you to reserve a spot ahead of time — and some require you to pay. Even free classes at your gym may impose a penalty for skipping out on reserved classes. If you aren’t someone who typically enjoys classes, it’s definitely worth checking one out if it keeps you on track. And you just might find a hidden passion!
  3. Join a group or find a gym buddy. Love running outdoors? Want to try Zumba but not sure where to start? Try finding a exercise group on a site like Meetup.com or starting your own group with coworkers. Alternatively, ask one of your fitness-loving friends to be your gym buddy. By making a pact to workout together (even if you’re each doing your own thing) you’ll be less likely to bail at the last minute if that also means canceling plans with a friend.
  4. Don’t go home until you’ve hit the gym. Take everything you need for your workout with you when you leave home in the morning. This way you won’t be tempted by your couch when you go home to change. And make sure to plan for emergencies! Pack extra hair ties or clips, socks, makeup remover wipes, and even a protein bar so you won’t have any excuses (like hunger) keeping you from your workout.
  5. Workout in the morning. If you’re not a morning person this might not be the best way to get yourself to the gym, but by planning your workout for the morning, you are less likely to get wrapped up in your day and push your workout to the side. Do whatever you have to do to get yourself out of bed, even if that means sleeping in your yoga gear.
  6. Workout at home or near home. Joining a gym further for home to save money doesn’t really save money if you never use it. You’re better off working out at home with a DVD or YouTube video or paying a little more for a more convenient gym that you’ll actually use. Don’t forget to see if your workplace offers a corporate membership; the discount can make a big difference.

And if you need more motivation, just remember that part of being successful is being healthy. Don’t cheat yourself!

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